En Passant Development Team

En Passant‟s organised and highly-skilled team use sophisticated technology resources, skills and knowledge to deliver customized, bespoke IT solutions to business and corporate clients. We have solid experience in a vast range of projects, and our development process is designed and tested to meet your every need. We pride ourselves on going beyond our client requirements, to deliver outstanding service.

Philosophy and Culture

Our philosophy is to focus on our customer satisfaction at all times. To achieve this, we must promote an environment where our employees are encouraged to be innovative and collaborate to create products and offer services that exceed our customers’ expectations. We will promote our guiding principles of integrity, compliance, value creation, principled entrepreneurship, customer focus, innovation, knowledge, change, humility, respect and fulfilment. These attributes set the standards for evaluating policies, practices and conduct, establishing norms of behavior and building shared values that guide individual actions.